It all started in 2017, when two strangers met, and agreed to celebrate thanksgiving together, little did they know, that thanksgiving in Los Angeles where they freestyled, would be the cornerstone of their legacy.


Kawasi Weston and Miguel Alanis has an origin story that is nothing but a sign from God that they were meant to collide and change the face of music, all while uniting two cultures. Kawasi, a French Egyptian Soul Singer/Songwriter from Albany, Ga, was joined by Miguel, a Mexican American Model from Mission, Tx. They were so different but had shared the same experiences. They instantly bonded over music but soon realized that their alignment was to use music to ensure that they’d tell the truth of the ancestors while uniting there people.


Every Wednesday for over 3 years the two of them would host freestyle session that gave birth to what we now know as 1110 Entertainment. The 11 is a representation of Kawasi; born in November and the K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet. The 10 is for Miguel, born in October, and the met on 11/17 which equals 10. However, when combined, both number become very power Angel Numbers. Kawasi birthday is also 11/10, and Miguel’s middle name is Angel. Some was say it was all written in the stars, but for them they knew their journey had just begun.


Already off to an amazing start, Kawasi and Miguel “Sir Lit,” have crushed all expectations and doubts placed upon them. They continue to make music that not only lift their people, but that also raises awareness about drugs and mental health issues. Their debut project, “Flowers,” set to be released this year, is a conceptual EP Album that chronicles the use of drugs to cope or deal with misguided emotions and pain. With over hundreds of thousands of streams and views, 1110 Entertainment has started with a necessary bang and is here to stay.

1110 Entertainment 

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